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Week 1 2010

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Week 1 - Introductions

Week 1: Jan 11 - 17



This week, we will be meeting each other and introducing ourselves at our Ning community site, http://tlinvw.ning.com/. You are also encouraged to sign up for an account in Second Life if you haven't already done so. If you have had no experience of Second Life, you should complete the orientation this week. If you have provided us with your Second Life name when signing up for Ning, one of the moderators will send you an invitation to our Second Life group (the group name is 'TLVW10') .


Learning outcomes 

By the end of this week, you should:

  • have started to get to know your colleagues on the TLVW session
  • be familiar and have a basic comfort level with the main tools for interaction and communication through
    • reading the course information here on the session outline pages and sent by email.
    • reading your colleagues welcome messages and posting your welcome message to the TLVW10 Ning.
    • moving, communicating and navigating in Second Life at a basic level, as a result of completing a self-paced orientation and attending a synchronous meeting
  • know what the expectations are for the 6 weeks of the TLVW10 EVO in terms of what you should leave with and the commitment it is likely to involve


Useful SL skills


Click this link to go to the SL skills list and tutorial videos: http://vwll.pbworks.com/SKILLS-collated%2C-edited-and-revised


→ You will have a much better first experience in SL if you watch some of the basic skills video tutorials and test whether voice is working before our first meeting in SL (You can test whether your voice is working by going to Voice Echo Canyon). Should you have problems ask your questions in the forum, leave a comment on one of the moderators' profile pages on Ning or send us a message.




  1. Join and post to the TLVW10 Ning;
    1. read your colleagues welcome messages; and
    2. post your welcome
    3. read the course outline and the activities for each week and plan your schedule accordingly for what you are able to commit to
  2. Join Second Life, download and install the software, complete an orientation and attend a synchronous meeting;
    1. Join Second Life (if you are asked to select a "Gateway" during sign-up, select "Virtual Ability", download and install the software, log in and complete the orientation at Virtual Ability (You can skip this stage if you are not new to Second Life).
    2. During the first week, you will receive an invitation to join the TLVW group in Second Life. This will appear as a blue drop down menu in the top right corner when you login at some point. Please click the Join button when this happens. Please note the TLVW moderators' avatar names: Graham Stanley = Baldric Commons, Nergiz Kern  = Daffodil Fargis, Dennis Newson = Osnacantab Nesterov, Maria Pinto = Mary Roussel, Nahir Aparicio = Nahiram VanivaWłodzimierz Sobkowiak = Wlodek Barbosa
  3. Go to the useful SL skills page and watch the basic SL skills tutorials suggested for week 1.
  4. Attend one of the 1-hour, synchronous Introductions meeting sessions at the TLVW10 headquarters (also called "Webheads HQ) in Second Life during this week. You only need to attend one but there will be 2-3 repeated sessions at different times to accommodate the global span of participants' time zones. Check the Events page on the TLVW10 Ning to find out when they are scheduled.






TLVW Mods 


  • TLVW10 headquarters in Second Life (also called Webheads HQ) (see snapshot above) - please note you need to have Second Life installed for this link to work) - here you will find information organised by weeks and landmarks to places to visit in Second Life. You will receive this information by clicking on the posters.



Optional Readings/Viewings 

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