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Week 6 2010

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Week 6 - Evaluation & wrap-up 

Week 6: Feb 15 - 21




This week offers an opportunity for us all to step back and reflect on what you have seen and experienced during the whole EVO session. You can reflect on what you have experienced during the last five weeks and to share their ideas with everyone about good practice. You will also be encouraged to continue learning and sharing through the SLExperiments and other group meetings, which will continue after this EVO session has ended. In this final week, we will also organise some round table discussions about language learning and teaching in virtual worlds, which will be recorded.


Learning outcomes


By the end of this week, you should have done some of the following:

  • have visited another virtual world (optional, because they are not available for all computer platforms).

  • have posted your reflections about your visit of these virtual worlds.

  • have attended a round table panel discussion.

  • have reflected on what you have experienced during the session.

  • have shared ideas about good practise with other participants.


Useful SL skills


Click this link to go to the SL skills list and tutorial videos. 




  1. Take a field trip to another virtual world (to be decided). Compare SL with this and post your reflections to the TLVW10 Ning

  2. Attend one of the round table panel discussions and be prepared to ask questions. If you are interested in being part of the round table, then please contact one of the moderators.

  3. Post your reflections on your experience  during this session in the Ning forum for this week.

  4. Post and discuss with other participants your ideas about good practises in teaching languages in Second Life in the TLVW10 Ning forum.


Optional Readings/Viewings/Activities




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